FarrWest has sold the very best in environmental equipment and consumables for over 12 years. During that time, we have built a reputation for excellence in knowledge and customer support. Our company maintains a fleet of rental equipment trusted by some of the largest environmental companies. Our expert technicians maintain all of our equipment to the the highest possible standard. As our company has grown over the years we have realized our services and equipment also caters to first repsonders. FarrWest has been outfitting first responders since 2004, specializing in HazMat supplies and personal gear. We sell products from the finest manufacturers in the world. FarrWest calibrates and repairs most water quality, air quality, radiation, gas detection, and CBRNE detection equipment. Our factory-certified technicians provide some of the fastest turnaround times anywhere. Our customers know that their equipment be always be maintained to the highest possible standard. We also offer on-site and mail-in calibration and maintenance programs. These programs are beneficial forĀ first responders, government agencies, educational institutions, research labs and private entities.


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