Three Reasons Why A Service & Maintenance Program Is The Smart Choice

It is well known that equipment routinely serviced on a pre-determined schedule outlasts equipment that is not, many companies still neglect equipment or react to equipment failures instead of being proactive. Failing to adequately service high quality equipment ends up costing departments or companies a great deal of money that could otherwise go toward enhancing their budget. We have outlined reasons as to why a Service & Maintenance Program with FarrWest could greatly benefit your department or company:



  • Service: Factory certified technicians maintain your equipment to manufacture standards. This typically occurs on-site in 60 or 90 day intervals. Should a repair or troubleshooting be required between the predetermined intervals FarrWest provides a 24/7 help line with Proboard Certified HazMat Technicians, instead of dealing with a manufacture “help line”. If a piece of equipment needs repair and is unusable FarrWest guarantees a 36 hour resolution, this includes sending you a loaner in the meantime.


  • Training & Certification: No more cost or hassle of getting your own personnel to manufacturer training classes. FarrWest  provides yearly equipment training classes with a certified trainer. Our reach among the US is expansive, no matter where you are located, we can come to you. You will avoid finding yourself without trained repair personnel when they are promoted out of position, injured, or retired.


  •  Pricing: Servicing your own equipment is time consuming and expensive. FarrWest takes the hassle out of budgeting for manufacturer certification classes as well as unknown repair and maintenance costs with flexible payment schedules. Purchasing “back up” equipment is unnecessary when you have enrolled in one of our programs, we take care of it for you. FarrWest has partnered with HGACBuy and BuyBoard to offer you the best rates we can get and ease the stress of governmental procurement.


FarrWest began providing on-site and mail-in maintenance & calibration programs in 2010. We quickly became the leader in the all-inclusive program. Some of the largest entities in the United States trust FarrWest to calibrate and maintain their gas detection, radiation detection, and CBRNE equipment. FarrWest provides unparalleled service, training, and the most flexible pricing in the industry. We provide only the newest, most technologically advanced equipment at FarrWest.

Our long relationships with the most popular manufacturers mean we can bring you the best equipment at the lowest price. When the time rolls around again for you to renew your program, you have the option of replacing your equipment with the newest, most up to date model available. All sensors, pumps, and electronics are checked to ensure quality performance and any failures are remedied either on-site or at our 2400 square foot fully stocked repair lab.  Often, our factory-trained technicians can fix most problems over the phone with step by step troubleshooting.


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