Ahead of Schedule and Under Budget: Why You Should Buy Used Equipment

One way to keep cost low is to rent your equipment. However, what if the project is longer than you expected? What if the project at hand is frequently reoccurring? The rental fees associated with long term or frequent projects can add up. What if your company is opening a new office in another location. You will need to stock up on atleast the basic equipment and field supplies to get you started. We all know buying a brand-new piece of equipment seems more appealing than purchasing pre-owned or used. First you should consider some of these things before you buy:

Buying New Equipment is a Significant Investment

This can easily eat up money better spent on a second piece of gear, accessories, or maintaining equipment you already have. The cost of one new piece of equipment could equate to two or more used pieces, depending on availability and demand. When you buy new you also run into the possibility of longer wait times. If you buy used you can get the equipment you need and put it straight to work

There are Unpredictable Factors Involved

Environmental professionals are incredibly reliant on the weather to cooperate and the projects at hand to perform. Having a large portion of your budget tied up in equipment can be very daunting, so for some looking at incorporating more units in your fleet, going the used route is the better option

Don’t Get Stuck with Dated Equipment 

 When you purchase a new piece of equipment, there’s no upgrading to the latest model once new technology streams in. You’re stuck with what you buy unless you decide to re-sell it. Purchase used, you might not get the latest and greatest technology up-front, but it does give you room to buy what you really need later when the time is right


Just Some of our Refurbished Units, Include:


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Purchasing can seem a little risky. That is why FarrWest stands by our equipment with extended warranties and 24/7 technical support. This equipment is maintained and decontaminated frequently by manufacturer certified technicians. You can rest at ease knowing what you are purchasing has been very gently used, little to no modifications, with no hidden fees


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