6 Advantages of Renting Equipment

FarrWest maintains a growing rental fleet where the  equipment is decontaminated, cleaned, and tested in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations before it leaves our facility. Our factory trained technicians have cumulative 30+ years of experience and can solve almost any equipment need. With extensive industry research we bring you the most competitive pricing. You might be wondering if it is worth it to rent rather than purchase. To answer these questions, we have included a few reasons below:

1. Lower Initial Investment10000021-pic-40000063

Many small businesses choose to rent their equipment rather than buy it outright. Equipment leasing can be particularly helpful for entrepreneurs starting a new business, as renting can lower the initial investment needed to get your startup off the ground.

2. Latest Model Usually Offered

All equipment eventually becomes obsolete and needs replacing, renting allows you to continually upgrade equipment every few years to avoid this problem. If you are paying for your equipment upfront, the newest models may fall out of budget.

3. Short-Term Jobs Especially Benefit

Projects that need specific types of equipment might only come every few months or annually. When you combine owning often needed equipment with renting occasionally used equipment, you minimize equipment idle time due to weather or economic changes.

4. You Use What You Need For Specialized Equipment

Renting before you purchase a, let’s say $5k piece of equipment, might be a better way to check it out as well as try different brands. This would allow you to use equipment at length before making a big investment. Certified technicians will assist with any questions you may have.


5. Paying Equipment Rental Expenses On An As-Needed Basis helps you conserve your capital

Not owning the equipment allows you to minimize insurance & finance costs. When renting, you don’t have to keep full-time operators or repair personnel on staff, therefore, saving on payroll. When renting equipment you can also reduce taxes, since rentals are typically expensed, rather than depreciated.

6. If you do not have the skills or the time to manage your inventory, you may want to rent

You establish accountability  from continuous billing with rented equipment.  Renting also eliminates the need for storage areas  which in-turn assists with the prevention of inventory loss. A repair shop or spare parts inventory  would be needed, also extra staffing, added payroll expenses, and maintenance record keeping.

Our company offers 24/7 technical support to our clients out in the field who need a quick run through on how to operate equipment or just a quick refresher. We can guarantee our staff will be able to assist you with your rental needs, even if that means you need equipment dropped off at a certain location or overnighted to meet a surprise deadline

Want to more about our rental pricing?

Visit http://www.farrwestenv.com/farrwest-rentals

Call (210) 566-1857 or email: rentals@farrwestenv.com


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