Pressure Testing Your HazMat Suit

Did you know FarrWest sells and tests HazMat suits? Well, we do! Our certified technicians currently test suits for Fire Departments in a number of states. We implement and maintain service schedules, which includes routine inspections and pressure tests.


All Level A suits should be pressure tested and inspected when received, after each use, and/or annually. Level A suits are built for chemical and gas protection, using a self-contained breathing apparatus for respiration.

FarrWest uses a pressure test kit per the method described in ASTM F 1059-09, “ Pressure Testing Vapor Protective Suits”. These test results are then provided and attached to each suit for your reference. Whether you are looking to purchase a new hazmat suit or using your current suits, understanding the report of your suit should provide peace of mind, which is something every first responder deserves.



We are distributors for Kappler and Ansell, both manufacturer quality suits with quick lead times. Prices will vary depending on which type of suit you wish to purchase and how many. Some of our technicians go to Fire Departments we have established maintenance contracts with and pressure test on-site.

Local Fire Departments drop off their suits for inspection instead.Our quick turnaround times ensure your department is not without HazMat suits for long. Any suits that fail the inspection must be immediately downgraded to training suits and marked accordingly. FarrWest can get you a quote for replacement suits typically the same day.

After your suits have been tested we properly fold and baggage them. It is important to store them in an area where extreme temperature fluctuations and dry conditions cannot effect the suits. This would run the risk of  making the valve diaphragms susceptible to cracking over time.


How to properly fold and store a Kappler suit is below:


For more information on pricing or technical support you can contact or call (210) 566-1857

We hope this information was helpful!







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